They don’t want you to control your information consumption


What is Feedly

Feedly is a website that combines content from your favorite websites into one place. It has a very simple design that is incredibly easy to use. It has a short list of powerful features that enhance the user experience. Following is a list of Feedly’s key features.

  1. Follow your favorite publications, blogs, YouTube channels and more in one place
  2. Organize content into collections
  3. Read content in a distraction-free mode
  4. Save content for later within the app or save to a read-it-later service
  5. iOS, Android, and Mac apps available, plus additional third party apps

(Cassidy, 2015)

Feedly allows users to create a personal page of content by combining all the user’s subscriptions. These subscriptions are divided into multiple categories that can be managed by the user. It has a minimalist design which creates a distraction free space which allows readers to enjoy their content without any advertisements overcrowding the screen. Feedly apps are available on a iOS and android devices; this allows users to synchronize their content across all of their devices and view it on the go using the ‘save for later’ feature. Feedly is also available on third party apps, which gives users more options to view their content.

How Feedly works

Feedly uses RSS feeds to combine the content. RSS is an abbreviation for Real Sydication Site. RSS feeds use XML to fetch information from multiple sources in one standardized format. The XML contains a summary of the source content such as the title, a brief description, an image if available, and a link the source. The RSS automatically fetches updates from the sources as they are updated. These automatic fetching of information is done by programs called RSS Aggregators. These aggregators verify the link at certain time intervals and update the information.


Feedly’s user-friendly interface is probably its best feature. It does not take too long to get used to the functionality of the website. Once signed-up and started, I found it very easy to subscribe to several channels. As I was subscribing to channels, I was given the option to put that channel is a certain category. Once I subscribed to the channels, my news feed filled up with content; all the content was organized by categories.  Viewing content was a fairly good experience. The pages loaded almost instantly, there were no advertisements popping up all over the screen, and I was viewing exactly what I wanted to view.


Internet users today are constantly bombarded with information from all angles. With the digital space in such condition, it is imperative for people to use applications such as Feedly to curate their information. This ensures that people are consuming the information they want to consume. Feedly is one of the best ways to control how you can control the information you consume. The list of content that is generated by Feedly is tailored for you by you.



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